Enterprise blockchain technology for solving real business problems
across various industry verticals

APEX is a blockchain built for optimizing consumer-centric business - creating stronger 1-to-1
relationships between enterprises and their customers. APEX is a full-customer lifecycle solution
enabling enterprises to increase trust and privacy in B2C data-related applications, increase
interactivity and engagement, and augment value of CRM and loyalty programs.

Solutions - By Use Case

  • Marketing

    B2C marketing has had for the most part subpar efficacy, including with using data-driven methods. One of the problems lies in the nature of B2C interactions and marketing being one-sided and solicitive in nature - also, marketing channels and middlemen often expend too much value in the process.

    APEX gives enterprises the tools to shift the nature of interactions to become more balanced, with more increased trust, engagement, and direct value going back to the consumer.

  • CRM & Loyalty

    Enterprises from various consumer verticals including travel, retail, and financial services have attempted to create their own CRM and loyalty programs, and the results for the most part have been mediocre.

    APEX enables the enterprise to have new ways to increase the efficacy of CRM and loyalty programs and augment their value. Our sidechain technology and DEX enables tokenization of reward points and other enterprise assets and allows them to amplify their value by connecting to the larger enterprise network,

  • Consumer Data

    Consumer data is a large area that faces various problems that enterprises face on a widespread level, and touches upon a multitude of facets, including marketing effectiveness, legal & compliance (ie. GDPR), privacy & security, and business intelligence.

    APEX’s blockchain technology includes various native modules and protocols that solve problems surrounding data quality, data transactions, security/storage, legal compliance, and data ownership model.

  • Customer Experience

    Giving the consumer a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and devices requires advanced data management practices, which is not always easy to implement.

    APEX provides a solution for managing a decentralized customer profile, where the data and profile is owned and managed by the consumer herself, which enables optimal personalization across various different touchpoints (online, mobile, retail, IoT) and maximizes customer lifecycle value (CLV) and the bottom line.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Enterprise artificial intelligence has enabled businesses to leverage deep insights from internal and external data to drive optimized results for the bottom line.

    APEX Network has various ways of helping enterprises maximize the value out of their existing AI tools and technology by enhancing their datasets with high-quality compliant real-time and non real-time from the blockchain. For enterprises that haven’t leveraged AI, APEX’s blockchain will have an in-depth integration with APEX Technologies core AI product, IQ.

Solutions - By Vertical

  • Retail

    APEX offers the retail industry various approaches to optimize its customer experience, CRM, and data management via blockchain-based solutions. For retail companies, a unified customer profile and customer lifecycle management is crucial to success - APEX Technologies is able to help combine a decentralized customer identity management soluton with CRM programs on-chain to deliver optmized engagement.

  • Financial Services

    The financial services sector is increasingly competitive - firms are looking for ways to gain a competitive edge, not just in terms of core offerings. APEX Network provides financial services companies new ways to approach retail customer insights, personalization, and CRM. We are also to help them to obtain compliant, high-quality datasets from the blockchain to help enhance their predictive AI models.

  • Automotive

    For automotive companies, intelligent marketing and branding across the entire customer lifecycle is key to optimizing conversion rate. This requires a combination of data and proper forms of engagement in order to be optimal. APEX Technologies has deep expertise in how to utilize emerging technologies such as blockchain and A to maximize customer lifetime value (CLV).

  • Travel

    Companies in the travel industry are plagued with problems surrounding customer loyalty and customer insights. APEX Network provides the travel industry solutions surrounding customer data management, customer engagement, and customer loyalty, utilizing a combination of on-chain protocols for consent and trust, decentralized customer unified identity, and cross-industry partnerships and reward asset liquidity.

  • Luxury & Lifestyle

    For the luxury industry, deep customer insights and personalized service is key to differentiating in customer experience. APEX Technologies has deep expertise in the luxury sector and how to utilize technologies such as data management and blockchain to transform customer personalization, trust, and more intelligent marketing.

  • Consumer Internet

    Consumer internet companies are the forefront of using technology to disrupt existing markets and create new user experiences, but often now have run into bottlenecks in areas surrounding consumer data, trust, and user engagement levels. APEX is able to help consumer internet companies to explore more balanced and fair interaction models with their users.